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Hollowcore precast flooring

Hollowcore precast flooring for social housing development.

Flood Precast provided 3000m2 of Hollowcore flooring slabs for social housing development in Edenderry Co. Offaly. Hollowcore flooring is an efficient and modern flooring solution that can be implemented within a great many structures. Comprised of precast concrete with lengthwise voids, Hollowcore is the ideal solution for those who are looking to take advantage of…

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Flood Precast Stairs Manufacturer-designed to suit every requirement

Flood Precast Stairs Manufacturer: Flood Precast worked with Stephenson Construction in providing 64no Precast Concrete Stairs. Flood Precast offers a range of precast stair flights to suit every requirement. All our stair and landing units are designed in house, manufactured, delivered to the highest standards. Precast stairs can be placed along with precast concrete flooring…

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Concrete Staircores

Concrete Staircores provided for extension to University of Liverpool

All of our Precast Concrete Stairs and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes. Concrete Staircores have a number of benefits and excellent sound absorption properties are one of them which is why precast stairs are widely used in homes and commercial properties alike. Precast concrete staircores provide a durable & attractive…

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Concrete Stairs

Concrete Stairs provided for Redevelopment of Oisin House Dublin

Flood Precast take great pride in all projects undertaken. Our company is renowned throughout Ireland and the UK for high-quality Class B precast stairs. We manufacture concrete stairs or combined stairs and landing units which have a smooth, quality finish, to suit most combinations and requirement for the construction industry. Our precast units are individually…

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Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs

Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs provide for school’s extension.

Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs or Super Wideslab are manufactured using an innovative casting system ensuring a truly smooth soffit finish. Solid Wideslab is often referred to as “plate flooring” contains an internal strand which facilitates notching and the forming of openings that is suitable for a variety of construction development. Flood Precast provide Super…

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Exposed Soffit finish

High Quality Exposed Soffit finish for Redevelopment.

High-Quality Exposed Soffit finish on precast slabs we’re provided to the main grandstand building. Flood Precast flooring slab has a high-quality Class B finish to which paint can be applied directly, or which can be left in its natural state so that the full thermal mass effects of the concrete flooring can be exploited. What…

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