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8th Lock Residential Development

Flood Precast was thrilled to be involved with Ballymore at 8th Lock Residential Development delivering over 1000 loads to site and completing 5 Block containing 435 Apartments. With a volume of 9503m3 of concrete used. This was the 4th phase of the development of the Royal Canal Park in Dublin 8.

Our team designed, manufactured, and installed the following precast concrete products.

  • Hollowcore flooring – 22235m2
  • Wideslab Flooring – 11230m2
  • Precast Walls – 20400m2
  • Balconies – 330
  • Beams – 4990
  • Columns – 530
  • Stairs – 215

The Apartment blocks varies from 6 to 12 floors, Block A and D have 12 floors, the lowest E and C have 6 floors, while Block B is an intermediate building with 7 floors. Each of the blocks has a unique shape in the plan and a different floor layout. Within Blocks A, E and D, green terraces have been separated on the intermediate floors, while in Blocks C and B, the roofs of these buildings serve as terraces.

Thank you to Brian Kinsella for the drone footage – www.briankinsella.ie

Project: 8th Lock, Ashtown

Customer: Ballymore

Engineer:  J.B Barry and Partner’s Ltd Consulting Engineers

Architect:  Reddy Architecture and Urbanism

For more information on our range of concrete products contact our team at enquiries@floodprecast.ie