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Precast Wideslab Flooring and Precast Stairs for St. Vincent’s

Flood Precast was appointed to design, manufacture and install precast concrete wideslab flooring and precast stairs for the four-level extension to the existing multi-storey carpark, located on the north end of the St. Vincent’s University Hospital campus. John Paul Construction are the main contractors at this project.

Why use Precast Concrete Wideslab Flooring?

A Class B soffit finish suitable for direct decoration

Flood’s Wideslab flooring is wet cast on steel moulds, so the soffit of the planks can be painted directly, benefiting aesthetics, thermal mass and cost savings by eliminating suspended ceilings in buildings. The wide slab units are 2.4m wide so half the joints on view compared to traditional 1.2m wide units.

2.4m wide units offer fast installation time.

Wideslab flooring can be installed in half the time scale of standard 1.2m wide units saving on programme, crane time, prelims and installation costs. Huge savings on large frame buildings like multi story car parks. Cast in projecting positive lifters means very fast hook times for installation.

Wet Cast units in 2.4m wide steel moulds.

As the units are wet case any awkward shapes, splay or curves can be easily accommodate in the manufacture. As they shapes are cast to suit each job there is no waste during production with no associated additional costs for waste and recycling. Large opes can be accommodated without trimming beams to provide support.

Can be designed Composite with structural frame.

This means the precast wideslab floor can act in conjunction with the structural frame to reduce floor depths, reduce beam sizes, provide disproportionate collapse ties and progressive collapse ties. The prestressed nature of the planks give excellent load carry capacity which is perfect for heavily loaded or transfer slabs.

Why use Precast Concrete Stairs?

Compared to in-situ stairs, the timeline for installing precast concrete stairs is much less. Precast stairs can be installed quickly and easily, minimizing the amount of time that access is reduced. Once precast stairs are installed, they can be used as access for other trades. Precast Stairs is extremely durable and will last a lifetime and require little maintenance.

Project: St Vincent’s Hospital Carpark, Dublin

Customer: John Paul Construction

Engineer:  ARUP

Architect:  O’Connell Mahon Architects

Products: 10000m2 of Precast Wideslab and 40no Precast Stairs

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