Why Choose Flood Precast

The case studies about precast concrete flooring projects on this site demonstrate the broad diversity of construction projects with which Flood Precast has been successfully involved.

What unites these widely different commissions, from beach huts to hospitals, is the skill and care with which the Flood Precast team have designed a concrete flooring solution specific to the demands of the project, and then delivered the solution to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Flood Value Engineering

Our success stems from a considered and analytical approach to planning and evaluating a precast concrete project; this is the process known as value engineering, which underlies all our work. Flood Precast has been quick to adopt technologically advanced methods such as Building Information Modelling, and our new production scheduling system.

Using these and other planning tools, we are able to ensure not only that each job is delivered on time and within budget, but also that there is the best match between job specification and product.

A Growing Concrete Business

In the past year, Flood Precast has invested in new staff and equipment, increasing both our capacity and our efficiency. However, this has not led to a reduction in the personalised service which has always been so important to us.

Testimonials on this website give evidence of the bespoke service which has proved invaluable to our clients.

Innovative Precast Concrete Products

Our new trademark precast concrete flooring products, Super Wideslab® and Super Voidslab® are so innovative that we have protected them by trademarking. These are flooring options which are unique to us, and which, because of their functionality and high quality finish, can offer real advantages in value engineering terms.

We have also broadened our range and now manufacture several new types of precast concrete products.