Flood Precast Logistics department is headed up by Dermot McKenna.

Flood Precast provide a supply and installation service through out the UK. We ensure the highest standards in servicing the needs of our customers, regardless of location. With a mixture of a company fleet and a key supply chain we aim to meet the challenge of each individual site, be it city centre, live schools or restricted access/working hours. This can be borne out in our customers’ recommendations. In most projects strict delivery times and coordination of supply is critical to the success of the project.

Flood Precast also utilise holding depots throughout the UK so your delivery is never far away in advance of when you need it.


Flood Precast Design and Engineer Department is headed up by George Beggan.

Our design office meets the needs for all our in house precast design with a full team of qualified engineers and technicians to cater for all project and product types. One of the key factors to our design department is the services offered on not only live projects but also assistance to fellow designers and consultants with queries on any aspect of the precast concrete industry.

We also team closely with our customers on design and build projects to offer the most efficient design and construction options to ensure competitive tender bids.

Flood Precast Design team offers real value in terms of engineering optimisation and the design process delivers saving to the client again and again.

Health & Safety

Flood Precast Health & Safety department is headed up by Noel Morgan.

With the company motto of ‘Safety First’ this is a key department that the company has grown upon. Our in house H&S department covers all aspects of legisitive and best practice requirements for health and safety within the precast industry wile also been a key member of the Irish Precast Association in developing the safest methods of working.

Our team working with all departments cover every aspect from initial designs through to production, transport, site work and final hand over.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Flood Precast is committed to becoming a recognised user of BIM resources in the precast concrete sector. Using BIM within Flood focuses on eliminating waste from processes and aims to represent value to the customer.

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