Taking you Home to the Next Level


Precast concrete Solutions for your home

Benefits for the Homeowner and the builder

  • Increased Thermal Mass
  • Better Sound Insulation
  • Improved Air Tightness
  • Improved Fire Rating


See how it works

Watch this video to see how easy it is to install Flood SolidCore Flooring

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Taking your home to the next level


Increased Thermal Mass

The Solidcore slab is denser than Hollowcore and therefore more effective in terms of thermal mass with 20% more capacity.

Improved Airtightness

The Solidcore slab eliminates the potential of air infiltration through the floor zone. If left open to the cavity Hollowcore provides an undesirable route for cold air.


The Solidcore slab provides a minimum 1 hr fire rating which can be increased if the customer requires. There are no open cores so no risk of smoke travelling along the floor structure.

Service Openings / Ducting

A Solidcore slab has more flexibility in relation to forming openings for services and ducting compared to a Hollowcore slab.

No Trapped Water

Hollowcore slabs have the potential to hold water in the cores during construction. Over time the moisture finds its way into the structure.
This is not the case with the Solidcore Slab.

Better Sound Insulation

A Solidcore slab will reduce the impact of airborne sound by 20% when compared to Hollowcore.