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Brockwood Court – Precast Frame

Brookwood Court is a residential project located in Killester, Co. Dublin. The entire project will provide 71 residential apartments in 3 blocks. An underground parking lot is planned on the foundation slab under the blocks. The underground floor was made of reinforced concrete, poured on site, and all elements above the ground level as precast concrete. The supporting structure of the building consists of walls 200 mm thick, prestressed plates 150 mm thick and concrete overlay 75 mm, as well as various sections of concrete and steel beams.

Project: Brookwood Court, Killester block 1 & 2

Number of floors:Block 2 – 5 floors
Block 3 – 5 floors
Area of walls gross/net:Block 2: 4017/3381 m2
Block 3: 3965/3316 m2
Area of floor per level:Block 2: 626 m2
Block 3: 622 m2
Area of floors for all levels:Block 2: 2999 m2
Block 3: 2929 m2
Volume of concrete used:Block 2: 1155 m3
Block 3: 1132 m3

Client: MNK

Engineer:  BDP

Architect:  Davey-Smith

Products: Precast Walls, Wideslab, Stairs, Columns and Beams

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