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Flood Super Voidslab® at Horizon School, Hackney

Flood Precast are happy to announce that McLaren Construction have completed and handed over Horizon School in Hackney to a delighted client.

We have worked with the excellent team at McLaren to design and develop a scheme that centered around natural ventilation through thermal mass achieved by the exposed soffits finish on Flood Super Voidslab®.

This scheme,  for the Horizon School, Hackney, came on the back of a similar design for the client on Hackney Free & Parochial School where again McLaren Construction and Flood Precast brought the advantages of their trademark voided slab flooring product, Super Voidslab® to the fore.

What are the Advantages of Super Voidslab®?

  • Thermal mass and natural ventilation – exposed solid Flood Super Voidslab® is an excellent heat sink which is critical for natural ventilation.
  • Faster installation – twice as fast as Hollowcore critical on a city site.
  • High quality soffit finish – can be left exposed or painted.
  • Reduction in building height – shallowest structural floor zone available in the market which can offer a significant cost saving.
  • Immediate working platform for other trades.
  • Reduced beam depth (up to 25%) – Flood Super Voidslab® can be designed to work compositely with steel and in-situ concrete beams, reducing the beam depth by to 25%.

Incorporating the steel frame within the depth of the floor allowed for more flexibility in future layouts of the rooms while the Flood Super Voidslab® allowed the 300mm floor thickness to be reduced in weight while still providing Class B soffits suitable for direct decoration.

As with all tight city sites the scheme was phased with full coordination from all the trades and the McLaren team along with some other small factors like the Olympic Games to contend with. Even Usain Bolt was impressed when he passed by.

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For more information and additional images on this project, visit Horizon School, Hackney in our Education Sector.

Contact our team at info@floodprecast.ie and check out the video below.