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Flood Precast's reputation for excellence stems from over 75 years' experience in meeting the needs of our clients.

Our strength lies in the ability of our skilled team to design a solution tailored to the individual requirements of each project. We deliver a high-quality product on time and within budget; value engineering is central to our approach.

Find details of our product range, which includes a wide range of precast concrete flooring solutions as well as a number of other precast products such as stair cores and balconies.

Coral Springs Richmond Village, Oxfordshire – Hollowcore Flooring

Hackney Free & Parochial School, London – Flood Voidslab

British Horse Society HQ, Kenilworth, Warwickshire – Flood Super Wideslab

Tottenham Court Road, Underground Tube Station, London – Omnia Flooring

London Olympic Stadium – Flood Super Wideslab

Sainsburys Car Park, Blackpool – Flood Super Wideslab

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Featured Products


With the benefit of prestressing and low self weight, longer spans can be achieved for the same loads or greater loads for the same depths.

Omnia Flooring

Flood Omnia slabs are made from reinforced concrete. For a prestressed solution see our Wideslab Flooring.

Flood Voidslab®

If you require longer spans and reduced weights see our Voidslab® flooring product.

Meet The Flood Precast Team