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Chapel Wharf in Salford, Manchester

Sector: Residential
Contractor: PCE
Architect: Axis Mason
Engineer: Curtins
Developer: Sir Robert McAlpine
Units: Precast Balconies and Screedless Floors

Flood Precast found it was a real pleasure to work with the SRM and PCE teams on this prestigious project for Dandara. Floods Screedless Prestressed Floor was chosen over traditional Hollowcore for program reasons. To start with the units are 2.4m wide, so half the number of crane lifts. We also eliminated the requirement for a structural screed which allowed the multi-storey building to progress vertically much faster. Flood Precast also produced 980No  prefinished balcony to PCE's design. This was transported to a holding yard where the permanent glazing barrier was installed and then brought to the site and lifted into the final position.

The unsung heroes on this project are undoubtedly the logistics people in each organisation who worked seamlessly together to ensure a first class, just in time delivery service. Special thanks to our Transport partners Gwynedd Shipping, BM Transport and HMT Shipping for their outstanding efforts.

Chapel Wharf is one of the largest PRS schemes in the UK providing much-needed homes for the people of Manchester. This development introduces 995 rental homes in four blocks on the Chapel Wharf site in Salford, next to The Lowry Hotel. These four towers – between 12 and 22 stories high It is part of a major redevelopment of the Chapel Wharf area which will see almost 1,000 new one, two and three-bedroom apartments built.