Verville Dublin

Precast Concrete Walls, Wideslab and Beams for Verville Dublin

Flood Precast we’re appointed by MKN Property to design, supply and manufacture precast floors and walls for their housing development in Verville, Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

This project consisted of two apartment blocks. Block C consists of 44 new apartments and Block A consisting of 14 apartments. Both blocks are based on a similar architectural form, with the last floor minus a terrace. Each apartment has access to a balcony or terrace to increase comfort.

The structures of both blocks are based on a foundation slab. In addition, Block C is reinforced with piles. The prefabricated elements were mostly created as prestressed walls and panels. In some cases, beams were required to avoid production and transport problems.

Project name:
Floors number:
Gross / net wall area:
Block A: 1865/1440 m 2
Block C: 5340/4222 m 2
Plate surface per level:
Block A: 420 m 2
Block C: 11000 m 2
Plate surface for all levels:
Block A: 1510 m 2
Block C: 4080 m 2
The volume of concrete used:
Block A: 490 m 3
Block C: 1380 m 3

Project: Verville Ave

Contractor: MKN Property Group

Engineer: BDP

Architects: Davey-Smith

Products: Precast Concrete Walls and Wideslab

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