BREEM Standards

BREEAM Standards and Precast Concrete Products

Flood Precast as a leading precast concrete manufacturer  are delighted to be working with Morgan Sindall on this project, Cambourne Village College . AS part of the planning application  Cambridgeshire County Council have a requirement for proposals to meet a BREEAM standard of ‘very good’ with the use of Precast Concrete. Flood Precast will achieve this necessary requirement. Precast concrete can accomplish these requirements as it offers the opportunity to score credits for resilience and durability through the use of its thermal mass .

Cambourne Village College is expecting a school expansion to be completed in July 2017. The school is getting a new wing. These extensions will be two-storey in height and include new classrooms and a drama hall. A further extension of the drama hall is included and identified to be constructed as part of the phase 2 works. Between these extensions will be a new sheltered courtyard giving shade and protection from the wind. This area also includes new lockers which will be located under a lightweight canopy with dense planting either side to provide further protection from the elements.

The school is also going to increase the amount of pupils from 750 to 1,050, from September 2017. The school development is going to be paid by Cambridgeshire County Council and will cost about 4 million pounds.


Contractor – Morgan Sindall

Architect – Frank Shaw Associates

Engineer – Peter Dann

Products – 1,400 m2 of Flood Super Wideslab® and 2 Precast Stairs

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Ronan Leavy

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