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Why use Precast Concrete Flooring?

Concrete is sometimes thought of as a modern building material, but in fact, its use goes back thousands of years. Possibly the oldest building in the world still in regular use is the Pantheon in Rome, which is made of concrete sections that are believed to have been poured in situ into wooden forms.

The Pantheon has outlasted countless buildings made of brick and stone, demonstrating the durability of concrete as a building material; and it is a complicated tapering cylinder in shape, which also shows how versatile concrete can be. The Romans had good building weather and plenty of time, but lacked modern cranes and lorries, so in situ pouring was a good option for them.

Flood Precast concrete flooring offers the same durability and versatility, with the additional benefits of speed in construction and the ability to keep on schedule in all kind of weather.

How do concrete flooring solutions compare with other flooring solutions?
Concrete flooring, in additional to being durable, offers better noise insulation and fire resistance than wooden floors and can span across greater distances, making concrete particularly suitable for large commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

What types of concrete flooring solutions does Flood Precast offer?
Flood’s range of precast flooring solutions includes;

What are the advantages of concrete flooring?
Concrete flooring can span in two directions (biaxial spanning) and, with the aid of lattice reinforcement(as in Omnia) and/or voids (Hollowcore and Voidslab) can overcome the weight problems associated with solid slab. Because of concrete’s density, concrete flooring solutions contribute to the thermal mass of a building, assisting natural ventilation.

Flood Precast Concrete Flooring is the ideal flooring solution. For more information contact our team at info@floodprecast.ie