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Flood Super Wideslab – The ideal solution at St. Alban’s Station

Flood Super Wideslab®, a unique precast concrete flooring product allowed for the efficient use of time, space and money at St. Alban’s Station Car Park, producing a high quality exposed soffit finish.

The strength and versatility of Flood Super Wideslab® flooring proved to be an ideal solution to the requirements of the multi-storey car park at St. Alban’s railway station.

The project called for the best possible utilisation of an inner-city site which was restricted in size and shape, in order to provide much-needed parking facilities for commuters using the station.

50% less propping needed

The pre-stressed concrete plate chosen for this multi-storey car park enabled construction to take place with less than half the temporary propping that would have been required if conventional reinforced plate had been used.

In addition to the obvious advantages of savings in cost and time resulting from the reduced need for propping, the use of Super Wideslab® reduced the project’s construction time by providing an immediate safe working platform for other trades.

Reduced floor depth

The high quality finish of Flood Super Wideslab® allows for the soffits to be exposed, eliminating the need for additional layers, so that the floor depth can be reduced. In a setting where the overall height of the building was crucial to the design, this reduced floor depth allowed the number of parking levels to be maximised.

Unobstructed interior space

The usual problem posed by car park design, of providing as much unobstructed space as possible for manoeuvring vehicles in a restricted area, were assisted by the wide spans which wideslab permits.

Project Team

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For more on Flood Super Wideslab® contact our team at info@floodprecast.ie and watch the video below.