Precast Concrete Stairs

Flood Precast Concrete Stairs for Safety and Security at the Northampton Criminal Justice Centre

Flood Precast provided all the precast concrete stairs for the acclaimed new Northampton Criminal Justice Centre, and also a bespoke design of secure cell ceiling slabs.

Northamptonshire Police Authority urgently needed to replace both its office space and its out-dated and cramped holding cell accommodation, and the new building at Pavilion Drive, Brackmills provides 40 cells together with associated secure facilities on the ground floor. The cell accommodation has been designed to be flexible so that 20 more cells can be added if and when it becomes necessary.

The top two floors of the three-storey building provide 2000 square metres of office space for the Northampton Police Service. The design and quality of this stylish new building, which in spite of tight lead-times was completed on time and under budget, have met with approval from both Northampton Police and the local community.

Safety and speed of installation with precast concrete stairs.

Construction time was limited for this building, and the Home Office has stringent requirements to ensure the safety of people committed to custody. In addition to fast installation time and minimal on-site work, precast stairs easily meet safety requirements for fire resistance and the mitigation of progressive collapse. The high-quality finish of precast concrete stairs means that no additional finishes are necessary, saving on both construction time and cost.

Bespoke one-piece cell lids

Each of the 40 cells in the Northampton building was topped with a bespoke precast 200mm concrete slab, which was fitted with its own skylight. Flood Precast turned out to be ideally suited to this innovative approach to cell construction, arrived at in consultation with the clients, engineers, and architect.

Project team

Client: Northamptonshire Police Authority
Architect: Archial Architects
Consulting Engineers: McBains Cooper
Contractor: Kier Construction

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