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Flood Precast Concrete Products in Irish Turning-point Project

Flood Precast Concrete Products have made a major contribution to a successful apartment development which is being seen as an important sign of recovery in the Irish construction industry.

MKN’s Seascape Development, Clontarf Road, Dublin, has quickly attracted buyers, demonstrating that there is now a real demand in Ireland for high-quality property in the right location.

The project has attracted a great deal of interest from news media both at home and internationally, with positive stories in the Guardian newspaper in Britain, and in newspapers and TV news programmes in Germany. These stories have described MKN’s Brian McKeon’s belief and optimism as an indication of the start of Ireland’s emergence from the euro bailout.

Speed, quality, and safety
Flood Precast Concrete Stairs and Super Wideslab® concrete flooring were chosen for the project, both for the speed with which they can be installed and for the quality and safety they add to the finished building.

Its inherent strength, and ability to span in two directions, enables Flood Super Wideslab® precast concrete flooring to meet the building’s design requirements concerning the mitigation of disproportionate collapse. Precast Concrete Stairs are also compliant with disproportionate collapse design, and are highly fire-resistant.

Comfort and efficiency
Because of its high thermal mass, the precast concrete at Ridgewood acts as a heat sink, absorbing excess heat during warm parts of the day and then releasing it as the building cools. This contributes both to the perceived comfort of the building and the efficiency of its heating system.

For this thermal mass effect to work well, parts of the concrete need to be exposed, and the high-quality finishes achieved by Flood Precast’s precasting technique allow this to be included in the design of the building.

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Project team

For more information on Flood Super Wideslab® contact our team at info@floodprecast.ie