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Precast Concrete Stairs for Stoke Bishop Student Accommodation

Flood Precast have topped out Blocks H and G as work progresses on the Hiatt Baker Student accommodation for University of Bristol been carried out by Vinci Construction.

All nine, 5 story blocks are now in progress with Flood Precast providing design, supply and installation of Flood Super Wideslab® and Precast Concrete Stairs to all levels.

Flood Precast worked with Vinci Construction and the design team of Capita Symonds Consulting Engineers and AWW Architects from the early design stages of the project to fully exploit the advantages of our Flood Super Wideslab® system.

Exposed Class B concrete soffits

All rooms will have exposed Class B concrete soffits which are painted directly while the structural advantages of the prestressed Flood Super Wideslab® provided minimum overall floor depths of 175mm and 200mm on spans up to 7m while accommodating localised recesses for prefabricated bathroom pods.

Project Team

For more information on Flood Precast Super Wideslab® and Precast Concrete Stairs contact our team at info@floodprecast.ie.


Exposed soffit - Precast concrete stairs