Flood Precast Omnia Flooring Slabs at the Heineken Brewery

Omnia Flooring Slab at Heineken Brewery, Manchester

Flood Precast has recently installed Precast Omnia Flooring for Yorkshire based Caddick Construction Ltd at the Heineken Brewery, Manchester.

This was a very tricky project owing to the awkward shape of the precast omnia flooring units. The Main Structure consists of a steel frame and its function is to house 10No. 4m Dia. Cylindrical containment vessels. It’s the presence of these Cylinders rising up through the structure which determined the curved shape of the adjoining precast units.

From the outset NORDER Structural and Civil Engineering Consultants opted to specify Omnia Slab Flooring with Lattice Girder as the best solution which allowed for the accommodation of the awkward shapes and which keeps the structural floor depth to 150mm.

On this project we provided a design, manufacture, deliver and install service and key to the successful execution was the preplanning and sequencing of deliveries with Mr Chris Collard, Project Manager for Caddick.

For more information on Flood Precast Omnia Flooring contact our team at info@floodprecast.ie.


John O'Connor

John joined Flood Precast in 1996. He served as a Senior Manager in all areas of the business, and is currently General Manager, responsible for the day to day running of Flood Precast. With 25 years’ experience behind him 17 of which have been dedicated to Precast Concrete, Johns focus is on developing a sustainable growth strategy for the business and delivering value for our customers.

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John O'Connor